Modern way of development and software testing
Properly developed and tested code is the baseline of every successful project
Our services
We provide IT services that are tailored to your needs.
Consulting services
We will help you create modern architecture for your application and explain a development process based on current agile methodologies and git flows. We will set up Continuous integration and get the Continuous delivery working to your advantage.
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Software development
Our senior developers' team will help you with a problem you can't solve yourself and will do it with lesser expenses, and in a shorter time frame. We have a lot of experience with projects based on different technologies. From small webs like this one, you are on now, to the integrated information systems. Based on our previous experience, we can offer you the best solution based on your exact technology and platform needs.
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Software testing & automation
By developing new software, it just begins. Without proper testing, it's almost impossible to deploy the application at the right speed and quality. Application without bugs just doesn't exist, but with our help, we can try to close the gaps and make the user happy and without critical bugs or other user issues. We can offer you a consultation for your testing teams, set up proper quality gates, improve your test sets, or enrich the CI/CD. Or, if your project does not yet use any testing processes, we can set them up from the beginning to the end. We can test anything which runs on the PC and iOS/Android mobile devices, including integration testing between these platforms.
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Our products
We are developing apps that help us in testing other applications.
Testing & Automation
We can design and develop any testing approach from manual testing to fully automated test regressions. We can set up testing processes for the agile, waterfall, or any other approach your team has chosen. Quality is expensive, but having a buggy system is more severe and will cost you more in the long run. We want to help you set up the testing regardless of the company size or technology stack. Our solutions apply to a team of experienced developers or business analysts who need to test or automate the release testing. We are not developing new testing frameworks. There are already too many of them. We are using proven tools that are easily extendable, open-sourced, and thus completely free. And in case you don't even have testers of place for them, our experienced test engineering team can help you with that.
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Mobile Manager
Mobile Manager is our platform for testing and management of iOS and Android mobile devices. It's an open-source application that will help you manage all those mobile devices in your offices lying around unused. With this application, you can connect them with your CI/CD and fully use them for automated testing of your applications.
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NextGen Testing platform (in development)
Our new testing platform is making the creation of automated tests accessible even to non-developers. We are connecting modern testing frameworks with the possibility of web-based drag&drop technology to allow anyone to create fully automated testing without the necessary technical knowledge or development IDE. Even your business analysts can create their automated testing suites.
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Technologies we use
We are always trying to keep up with trends
Life in Continero
Why should you join our team
Flexible work
With us you can go on a full-time, part-time or remote from the beach. It is up to your taste and your diligence - for a decent job quality reward.
Exciting projects
Do you enjoy switching projects and learn new technologies? Or you like to have a single application that grows under your hands? Both approaches are available for you. It's always up to the discussion on which project and for how long you want to stay. If you feel like it, you can change it every quoter or remain for years.
Expert community and a great bunch of people
We are creating a community of experienced developers and testers. We try to learn from each other and move forward - it only takes willingness and passion for being better.
David Fogl
Founder & CEO at Continero
As a new technology startup, we are trying to build a pool of experienced and motivated developers and testers focusing on modern development standards to help our customers make their development modern, competitive to attract new developers and reach their goals.
David Fogl
Founder & CEO
Da Boss, who gets the deals.
Daniel Petrásek
Solution Architect & Developer
Setups processes, propose new technologies and develops just the right stuff you need.
Tuan Phung
Frontend engineer
Will help you out with React and designs the best web.
Bronislav Svoboda
Senior C# Developer & Architect
A little bit crazy cycling and sheer genius in the design of complex systems.
Zbyněk Křípal
Full-stack C# Developer
Designs and develops any C# system from the bottom to the top.
Štěpán Doubal
QA & Automation Developer
Our beekeeper, crossfitter and guru on QA automatic testing.
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